I was very happy with the quality of the work

I was very happy with the quality of the work NoFind-NoFee

Thanks, and I will call the firm again when I have more work.

Sam – Fresno AttorneyJanuary 17, 2019
NoFind-NoFee’s people don’t only do the job; they do the whole job

When you hire NoFind-NoFee to conduct an investigation before a trial, you’re going to get more than just a report. The firm can see the results of their investigation straight through to the courtroom. With them, there’s no need to farm out work to other companies. NoFind-NoFee’s people don’t only do the job; they do the whole job.

Sarah – Legal Assistant San Diego, CaJanuary 2, 2019
Great work as always!

Thanks so much NoFind-NoFee! Great work as always!

Brittney – LA AttorneyDecember 4, 2018
Extensive Asset Search

My grandmother died a couple months ago. She was never the most organized woman in the world, and she’d gotten a little vague in her last years (she was 101 when she died.) I was her executor, and, when I started going through her papers, I found chaotic records that were probably incomplete. She’d told me things about her holdings over the years, but I couldn’t find any traces of a lot of what she’d told me about.

I’d never been an executor before, so I didn’t know what to do. The lawyer was no help whatsoever. I didn’t know from asset searches until a friend who’d been an executor last year told me you could hire a private investigator to look up and locate everything a person owns (or owned.) My friend recommended NoFind-NoFee. I called, gave them my grandmother’s information, and ordered an extensive asset search. (The extensive part was that it included locating bank accounts.)

By the end of the week, I had a report with a lot of information I could never have found myself. The search matched the things she’d told me, and located accounts at three banks I’d never even heard about. The investigators even turned up copyrights from the 1950s for some sefarim my grandfather had published. Talk about extensive.
So I learned that there’s such a thing as an asset search — and found somebody good to do one at a very fair price.

Zev R. – Oak Park, ILOct 25, 2018
You Have Been Very Helpful

You have been very helpful in all the projects I’ve used your services for. Thank you again.

Henry – Attorney at Law

Henry – Las Vegas, NVOctober 18, 2018
Collecting evidence with care

Collecting evidence is one thing. That’s why we hired NoFind-NoFee on a recent case, and they obtained the evidence we needed. What I hadn’t expected was the care with which the investigators made sure that every bit of evidence they obtained was defensible. They did their job meticulously and with a very thorough knowledge of the laws of evidence. I wish every PI firm we’d used in the past had been so careful.

JamesAugust 08, 2018
Someone you can depend on to do the job

What you want from a process server is someone you can depend on to do the job. As an attorney, you want to hear that your documents have been served; you don’t want to get a long story about why they weren’t. NoFind-NoFee is the kind of process server that gets the job done without any hassle or excuses. I have enough to worry about on a case without having to wonder whether subpoenas have been served. NoFind-NoFee servers make sure I don’t have to.

MatthewJuly 09, 2018
Amazing crew

Thank you NoFind-NoFee and please thank your amazing crew for us! I’m spreading the word around the office about your services. Thanks so much and you have a fantastic Monday, as well!

Kimberly – Legal AssistantJune 13, 2018
Great Experience

NFNF was wonderful to work with! Such a great experience for something we were very worried about. He was able to find the information we need for court and to protect our family!! Our head investigator always responded quickly to my emails and was prompt in getting the information we requested. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing services. And would gladly use again if needed!

Lorene R. – Victoria, TXMay 3, 2018
Found an old dear friend

They were able to find an old dear friend that I had tried to reach for 10years. They did it in 3 days. Great reunion, great memories. Thanks.

Michael S. – Richmond, VAApril 6, 2018
You’re The Man!

You’re the man – Great work… again!

Debi – LA Attorney

Debi – Los Angeles, CAMarch 15, 2018
Handled all my needs!

Very professional and had great customer service! NFNF handles all my needs in a timely matter. Thank you!

Britnee B. – Gardnerville, NVFebruary 22, 2018

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