Our individual or business basic background search is the ideal solution for checking out a new date, new business associate, new employee, business venture or potential spouse. We start with an identification section, containing the subject’s full name, aliases, current address and telephone, and address history. This information alone can raise questions, or give answers.

Our basic background search also includes the subject’s sources of income or employment; real estate holdings and personal property; business ownership; a civil lawsuit search; criminal convictions check; UCC filings; unclaimed property searches; judgments; bankruptcy filings; government and tax liens. We also include an Internet search.

This basic report (our most-popular item) always includes a written report of our findings. This basic report can sometimes answer all your questions. In other cases, our written basic background report can lead to deeper questions.

The scope of this report is one county.

Search for a plaintiff, defendant, witness, debtor, heir, friend, relative, employee, business venture or yourself.

We need the subject’s FULL individual Social Security Number. If a full Social Security Number or FEIN is not provided, we must charge an additional $75.00 to find an individual’s correct number, or $150.00 for a business FEIN. If a full, accurate Social Security Number or FEIN is provided, this extra fee is waived.

Note: Some information not available in some counties and states.

Individual or Business Basic Background Search – $150.00

Our turn-around time for this report is 1-3 business days.