Great news

This is great news. Thanks for all your help No Find No Fee!

Kevin Managing Partner – AttorneyAug 15, 2017
They went to great lengths to effect the service

A lot of attorney’s offices don’t fully understand what private investigators have to go through sometimes in order to serve documents. We sent No Find No Fee a serve job we thought was going to be easy. It was anything but that. When I found out that the subject was intentionally eluding service, I asked the office staff at No Find No Fee to keep me filled in on everything they were doing, because I was curious. They went to great lengths to effect the service, including stakeouts and a number of ruses to get to the subject. Not only did No Find No Fee’s team get my documents served – I’m never going to take process servers for granted again.

DeanAug 11, 2017
We call on the No Find No Fee team whenever our firm needs video surveillance

A client came to us with a divorce case after he had hired No Find No Fee to find out whether his wife was cheating on him. Often when that happens, the law firm needs to hire their own private investigator, because the evidence gathered when there’s no attorney on the case is often compromised by sloppy work on the investigators’ part. When the client gave us the footage collected by No Find No Fee’s operatives, I was surprised to see the quality of the video and the care with which it had been gathered. We had no need to bring in another investigator to do the job right…and now we call on the No Find No Fee team whenever our firm needs video surveillance.

ScottAug 11, 2017
Fabulous! Great work

Fabulous! Great work No Find No Fee – Thanks

Daniel Sr Partner- AttorneyAug 10, 2017
They’re simply the best at what they do

Every time we send a job to No Find No Fee, my boss thanks me for having found them for us. They’re simply the best at what they do. If you’ve ever gotten yelled at because of a mistake a process server made, you’ll appreciate what that means.

JessicaAug 09, 2017
A ediscovery job

I didn’t think that a PI firm could handle an ediscovery job. Then my firm started working with No Find No Fee. Sure enough, No Find No Fee has an ediscovery team that got through a complicated assignment far faster than a lot of independent firms take. I’m beginning to realize that No Find No Fee can take care of all our pre-trial needs.

EmmaAug 08, 2017
True professional

No Find No Fee, thank you so much.

You are a true professional and I felt very at ease dealing with you.

Thank you again. Pleasure working with you.

Rebecca – WA attorneyAug 04, 2017
Best process server firm in Southern California

A lot of PI and process server firms can be very hard-boiled and gruff over the phone. NoFind-NoFee is different: every time I’ve had to call them with a job, they’ve been both efficient and courteous. It’s nice to know that if your boss barks at you about a service of process job, you won’t get barked at by the process server firm…no matter what demands you’re placing on them.

Best process server firm in Southern California, bar none.

JeromeAug 03, 2017
I always feel a degree of schadenfreude

I always feel a degree of schadenfreude when I hear other attorneys complain about the service of process firms they use. They’re always too slow or too ill-informed or too expensive or too unhelpful or too unenterprising to get the job done. That’s because they don’t use NoFind-NoFee – the fastest, best-informed, best-priced, most helpful and most enterprising service of process firms of which I know. I’ve talked multiple other attorneys into using them, and all the feedback I’ve received is positive. I don’t know too many people in any line of endeavor whom I’d recommend as unequivocally as NoFind-NoFee.

Great work! I know who I’m calling next time I need documents served!

NicoleAug 03, 2017
can-do attitude

I called in NoFind-NoFee’s team when our usual process server was unable to serve a highly elusive individual. They knew exactly how to handle people like that, and had the papers served by the next day. It isn’t every day that you find a can-do attitude like the one you get from NoFind-NoFee.

KevinAug 02, 2017
I needed to have someone served in New Zealand

People who don’t deal with international law don’t know what kind of a headache it can be getting subpoenas served in foreign countries. I needed to have someone served in New Zealand, and, while no earthly force could make that happen quickly, NoFind-NoFee’s team stayed on top of the case for us every step of the way. If any process service firm can expedite service in a non-Hague Convention country, it’d be NoFind-NoFee.

AndrewAug 02, 2017
Hard to imagine better service anywhere

Since we found NoFind-NoFee, we’ve never had to use another process service firm. They’ve met whatever challenges we’ve thrown at them, promptly, efficiently and economically. Hard to imagine better service anywhere.

IanAug 02, 2017

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