Not only did they say they could get the papers served…they did

We had a super-rush process service job we needed done, and the people we usually use said they couldn’t do it. My assistant and I called around (we were almost desperate), and finally came upon NoFind-NoFee. Not only did they say they could get the papers served…they did. We could have been in some serious hot water; NoFind-NoFee saved our necks.

KyleAug 01, 2017
They got it domesticated and got it served

Someone at our firm dropped the ball on an important subpoena that needed to be served in Arizona. NoFind-NoFee’s people generally handle our local process service jobs, so we asked them if they could take the Arizona one. They got it domesticated and got it served. They actually made the out-of-state job easier for us than many in-state ones. I can’t imagine a more complete service of process firm than NoFind-NoFee.

EarlAug 01, 2017
Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend NoFind-NoFee for your needs. I had a project that was somewhat out of the box and they handled it in a very professional and thorough manner. Do not hesitate to contact them for whatever you need.

Jack L. – Springfield, MAJuly 15, 2017
Well done!!

Thank you NoFind-NoFee! Well done!!

Maria – AttorneyJun 28, 2017
Excellent news!

Excellent news! Thanks so much NoFind-NoFee. You are absolutely awesome!

Blake – Legal AssistantJun 13, 2017
I would give you my highest recommend

I would give you my highest recommend. Thank you again, NoFind-NoFee

Tony – AttorneyJun 13, 2017
Those photos are priceless

Those photos are priceless. Thanks for getting it done NoFind-NoFee!

Brittney – Los Angeles AttorneyJun 09, 2017
Great job NoFind-NoFee

Great job NoFind-NoFee. Thanks so much!

Rosa- Orange County AttorneyJun 06, 2017
Lost Heir

NFNF helped us find a lost cousin in an estate matter. My attorney recommended NFNF, and we went with the recommendation. The cousin was found in Las Vegas. Would never have found him otherwise, and could never finalize the estate. Best possible result, at a fair price.

Antone C. – Rochester, NYJune 3, 2017
NoFind-NoFee and his team are awesome!

NoFind-NoFee and his team are awesome! They get to the bottom of things fast. I can’t imagine there’s a better Private Eye agency in LA.

StuartJun 03, 2017
Computer Forensics

I run a small business through my computer, and it started acting strangely one day. It got stranger and stranger, so I took it to the repair place, and they said they couldn’t find the problem. I got really worried that all my business records were going to disappear or something. I thought my friend was crazy when she said I should call in a private investigator, since I didn’t know that there were P.I.’s who specialized in computer work, but it turns out there are – and that one of the best of them is NoFind-NoFee They discovered that I was actually being spied on by a competitor – which I wouldn’t believe until they showed me proof. They got my computer cleaned up and secure again. What a relief that was!

If your computer is acting really strange, think about calling in NoFind-NoFee rather than taking it to the shop.

LindaJun 02, 2017
Accident Liability

I was involved in a pretty bad car accident which I knew wasn’t my fault. The police report said different, and it looked like I was going to be in a lot of trouble with my insurance company. I had to call in a lawyer, and the lawyer called in NoFind-NoFee to investigate the accident. I don’t know how he did it, but NoFind-NoFee’s investigator found proof that the accident hadn’t been my fault. They got me out of some pretty hot water.

StephenJun 02, 2017

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