If you are in the process of conducting an asset search as a result of obtaining a judgment, about to obtain a judgment, considering collection efforts, looking for hidden assets, or attempting to locate and verify assets. You’re steadfastly aware of the difficulty and challenges that persist when attempting to locate valuable personal or business property. Particularly boats, yachts, or other watercraft.

An extensive asset search conducted by our skilled and seasoned network of licensed private investigators and detectives proves invaluable in the successful recovery of assets such as yachts, watercraft, and boats. For the purposes of satisfying judgments, locating hidden assets, or confirming the existence of assets. Our private investigators and detectives possess the knowledge, industry skillset, and ability to successfully locate yachts, watercraft and boats owned by the subject of an investigation. This ability also translates to inspecting yachts, watercraft and boats onsite. Further capabilities include, verifying watercraft and boats by state-registered license numbers, photographing and documenting current location and condition, and verifying storage or parking location.

With the combined ability to cross-search an owner’s name or license number using proprietary databases. Our search results provide state-verified vehicle registration, manufacturer’s VIN, model specification and registered owner’s names.

Our skilled private investigators and detectives also provide valuations of successfully located watercraft and boats. We verify liens or loans, conduct market surveys from past and current sales and listings of watercraft and boats for sale. Also, we determine the state of the current market from authorized dealers and brokers.

Your order always includes a written report of our findings.
Water Craft & Boat Asset Search – $150.00 No Hit Fee $75.00

Average turnaround time for this search is 2-7 business days.