Our basic asset search investigation includes a search for sources of income or employment, real estate holdings and personal property, unclaimed property, business ownership, UCC liens, a lawsuit search and a search for bankruptcies filed by the subject.

This report also includes a social media search and Internet search. We will need a current or last-known address, the subject’s full name and Social Security Number (if available). Discover why we are one of the top asset search companies, let us be your investigator.

Your order always includes a written report of our findings.
Tax ID Search – $75.00 for Individual, $150.00 for Business

We need the subject’s FULL individual Social Security Number. If a full Social Security Number or FEIN is not provided, we must charge an additional $75.00 to find an individual’s correct number, or $150.00 for a business FEIN. If a full, accurate Social Security Number or FEIN is provided, this extra fee is waived.


Average turnaround time for this search is 1-3 business days.